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Humane Animal Care in Aurora, CO

Whether you are just taking a long day trip or are going on a global adventure for a few weeks, you might be thinking to yourself, “Who will watch my pet while I’m away?” The answer is the friendly, compassionate crew at Absolute Critter Comfort Pet Sitting. Ensure your pets are happy and healthy at all times with attentive, in-YOUR-home pet sitting and animal care in Aurora, CO.

Your pets mean the world to you. That is why our pet boarding service ensures that your dogs and cats are treated with the care and love they deserve while you are away. This enables you to focus on your trip instead of wondering what is going on back home or worrying if your furry friend is okay.

Flexible Scheduling

Providing truly unique pet care is what sets us apart from the competition. We don’t just put your cat or dog in a kennel, but instead, create a schedule designed around their daily routine. This helps them to remain happy, healthy, and comfortable while you are away. It is also a great way to reduce stress for your pet as well as yourself--since you know exactly what your pet is doing and when they are doing it.

For your convenience, you decide how often you want your sitter to visit your home each day and what service you want performed. We base our fee schedule on the number and type of pets you have, as well as the number of visits you request per day. While you are away, we will:

Cute Cat and Dog
  • Administer Medicine for Pet
  • Vitamins and Other Special Care
  • Seek Medical Treatment in Case of Illness
  • Feed and Water Pets
  • Exercise Them

Choose Our Pet Sitters

When you call our unique pet care company, a staff member arranges a visit to your home shortly before you leave to meet with you and your pets. At this time, we are able to obtain detailed information about caring for your pets as well as pick up a key to your home or apartment.

Our regular visits don’t just ensure that your pet is being properly cared for, but it also helps to deter crime. So travel in peace by utilizing our impressive animal care services. We look forward to caring for your pets while you are away.

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We provide our animal care services to clients located throughout the Aurora, Colorado, area.