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Travel Arrangements

Trust the experts at Absolute Critter Comfort Pet Sitting LLC during your next vacation for all of your pet’s needs.

Pet Care

Pamper your furry friends while knowing they are receiving the best in-home pet care in Aurora, CO, with a custom diet and exercise routine.

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Leave home with peace of mind knowing you’ve left your pets in our hands. Since 1982, Absolute Critter Comfort Pet Sitting LLC has offered pet care services in Aurora, CO for dogs, cats, and other animals that share your home. Since animals are more comfortable in familiar environments, we oblige by offering our services right in your own home.

Providing excellent service means taking the time to listen. Our bonded and insured company always has a meet-and-greet before we sign a contract to make sure your pet will accept us, and we the pet. It’s a crucial step in our process so we can ensure that your pet is comfortable.

Providing an Important Presence in Your Home

Our in-home pet care provides a two-fold advantage for you. The first is that your pets are well taken care of during your absence. The second is there is a presence in your home while you’re away. We’re happy to water your plants and make your home look "lived in."

You may have an irregular schedule, but we can work with you. Let us sit down and talk, then come up with a plan that suits you. While you’re at work, you have peace of mind knowing we provide for your pet’s needs, including diet, exercise, or medications.

Professional Small Animal Handling

Our professional pet sitters care primarily for dogs and cats; however, we realize many other types of pets that need our service. From goldfish to snakes, our capable staff deals with a variety of species. Our success is seen in our process: We treat your pets as if they were our own and we work to make them feel comfortable. We understand separation is not easy for you or your pet. Even exotic birds can suffer from separation anxiety. 

When Home Care is Not Possible 

During those times, when pet care at your house is not possible, we provide pet boarding services. We don’t compromise on care and attention no matter where we offer our services. Count on us to stick to a strict food and water schedule, administer needed medications, and provide regular exercise. 

Aside from the standard care we provide, our staff will seek professional medical treatment for any illness that might crop up during our care. We want you to feel assured that your pet is in happy and safe while you’re gone. 

Contact us today to schedule in-home pet care. Based in Aurora, Colorado, we proudly serve pets and their owners in Southeast Denver and Arapahoe Counties.

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